How to use memes for marketing your company


Memes are fragments of modern culture that can acquire new meaning in different contexts. They spread fast since they’re a tool for repetition, they connect users because they are like private jokes taken to the next level: social media. Hence, if you don’t get the meme, you don’t get the joke… and you won’t get new followers.

The power of this tool is undeniable and because with great power comes great responsibility, you need to master the use of memes for your marketing strategy. Want to know how? Read on!

How memes impact your marketing strategy

Memes are the language of social media, and as such they spread rapidly. Users are constantly communicating, using images, gifs and videos for expressing ideas.

When you use memes for your marketing strategy (if you use them correctly) you start taking part in the Internet conversation. And if you bring a new message to the table, your advertisement or content can spread like wildfire.

Hire a meme expert

There’s nothing worse than using a meme in the incorrect context. It’s like a 45-year-old-khaki-wearing dad trying to fit in at a rave party: awkward. So first check your meme knowledge, if you are not up for the job, find someone who is up-to-date on the vast world of memes.

Another option, but less effective, is using the classic memes, like Bad Luck Brian, Fry Squinty Eye or Philosoraptor. However, these memes are old news and despite their timeless quality, they won’t be funny enough to be shared unless you provide a new twist. The best way to go is to mix up new memes with old memes to keep your audience engaged.

Memejack for your ads

Memejacking is the first and simplest way to incorporate memes to your marketing strategy. This basically means that you’ll use previous memes and incorporate your text to create a new meaning for a specific purpose. 
To grab users’ attention, choose a popular meme that speaks to your audience and that reflects your brand personality.

Remember to always check the copyright of your chosen meme.

If you’re up for a challenge…

…why not create a viral meme from scratch? It won’t be easy, but if done right, it can reward you immensely. When users see a video, image or gif that’s funny and shareable, they will forget that it’s in fact an advertisement, and focus on the ‘coolness’ of it. If you can create the necessary impact and make a meme that’s relatable and easy to use, you might be launching your company to the next level.

After all, memes are a lingo, and what would be more awesome and rewarding than being part of a language? Best of all, being a message.

Follow the checklist

We all need a checklist for challenging and rather overwhelming projects, and hey, it’s no piece of cake creating a viral meme that’s also an ad. 
Just follow these steps:

  1. Define the message of your ad: What are you trying to sell and how do you intend to sell it?
  2. Choose the right tone: Memes can be either witty or funny… or a combination of the two. I dare you to find a genuinely sad meme.
  3. Make it relatable: Choose a subject that speaks to your target audience, you need to find a meeting point with them.
  4. Make it shareable: There’s no point in bothering to make a meme if you’re not going to provide a share button for users to start making your meme viral.

Check your grammar

Always, always check your grammar. There’s no bigger facepalm than a witty meme with “your” instead of “you’re”. Nonetheless, take into account that there are popular phrases like ‘be like’ that may not be grammatically correct but are part of a meme, so they can be used. Don’t worry, nobody will judge you.

With the right strategy you can expand your market and make your brand known. Memes can take you one giant step ahead into gaining followers on social media that may become future customers.

I get followers, you get followers, everybody gets followers!