Social media marketing: 5 tips to attract more followers

Nowadays approximately 2,34 billion people have a social network account, a massive audience surfing the different platforms in search of useful, interesting content. Social media has become one of the greatest outlets for companies to connect with their audience and attract new traffic, but in order to do this you need to have quite a few things in mind. To help you attract new followers, here are a few useful tips:

1. Choose the best social network to connect with your target audience

One of the biggest challenges for any company is knowing their audience. The power of an audience is undeniable when it comes to monetizing contents, products or services. Once you know your audience, everything becomes much easier.

If you haven’t figured this out yet, check the analytics of your site to discover patterns in your users, and in terms of social media, start creating a presence on major social networks to date. According to a new study by Morrison Forrester, the network that has the higher interaction levels between users and a brand is Facebook.

On social networks such as Instagram or Pinterest engagement has declined. Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and YouTube are still very popular social networks for marketing. Discover on which of these you have the best interaction with your users and focus on that one, but still maintain your presence on the others.

2. Make sure you promote your social presence

Once you’ve created your social media accounts, try to promote it anywhere you can: on your home page and posts, on business cards, on your marketing emails, on the different social media accounts…Adding sharing buttons on your content will also promote your social media presence and allows visitors and email subscribers to share your content.

3. Offer good content

As we mentioned in previous posts, content is key on the Internet, which means that whatever you post on social media must have an actual value for your users: whether it’s useful, interesting, entertaining, make sure you can engage their attention. We recommend:

· Post useful information on the most part, and try to keep your promotional content to the minimum (20%). This way you create a loyal audience that will follow you in social media because you offer valuable content.

· Keep it diverse, post different types of content and on different formats: videos, photos, live streaming…this way you keep your users constantly interested.

· Don’t try and make it all about your content, offer them things they might find really fun or interesting that might not really relate to what your site is about. Make the posts memorable and shareable.

4. Talk to your users

According to Morrison Forrester, one of the greatest challenges for companies today is the interaction with users, especially since almost 83% of the brands on the US don’t really respond to users’ questions, complaints or remarks, and those who do take an average of 12 hours to respond.

The problem is that people really want to be heard, they want brands that care about their concerns. If you want a loyal and engaged audience, you need to put in the work, read the comments and answer.

5. Look at your data

Analytics is a great tool for knowing your audience. Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and Buffer Analytics are great tools for getting to know your users, discovering their interests, which posts have had the most clicks or shares, which brands or users mention you the most…This way you can not only understand what engages your users the most, but also come up with new ideas for your posts and interactions.

Social media marketing it’s time-consuming, but when done right it can be insanely beneficial for your brand and your sites. So start engaging!