Weird marketing campaigns that paid off

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Yes, we’ve heard about successful marketing campaigns, some of them are original, some of them are just the easy way to upgrade your company’s market and reach. But we want to know about the weird marketing campaigns. You know, those that come out of the blue with their freaky, funny, well-loved brilliant concepts. After all, we’ve all fallen for an endearing weirdo once or twice… Well, now you have the chance to do it all over again (but not in a romantical brooding-nerd-that’s-actually-hot-but-doesn’t-know-it kind of way, don’t get too excited).

Diamond Candles

Candles are definitely not the first item on your grocery list unless you put a ring on it! Really, they should give a shout-out to Beyoncè for this. Diamond Candles is a company that sells aromatic candles and though it doesn’t sound very exciting, don’t give up on them just yet.

The company came up with a weird yet effective marketing campaign: every candle holds a ring inside, it may be valued between $10 to $5000. When you get to the ring, you find a code and enter it on the company’s website to find out the ring’s value.

Diamond Candles really exceeded expectations with a perfectly clever and basic principle: know what your customer likes. They knew that 98% of revenue came from women and rings paired up quite well with them, after all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. The impact? The brand now has an immense social media community and increased its revenue.


Have you seen this 2010 campaign? During Fashion Week, Target, the biggest store retailer in the US after Walmart, rented a few rooms in a Manhattan Hotel. Then, they installed bleachers for spectators.

When the sun went down, the room windows enchanted viewers with a light show with more than 60 dancers in sort of a ‘Cell Block Tango’ style. Quite a breathtaking way to promote the fall and holiday apparel line!

Target knows how to put on a good show and the numbers speak for themselves: 12,6 million Google hits and more than 3,000 bystanders witnessed the event.

FM 96.3

Talking about weird marketing campaigns, this small radio station wanted to expand its audience, and thus, with just a few bucks and lots of creativity, they came up with the perfect idea: an air guitar giveaway.

Do you know what air guitars are? You’ve probably played them only about a million times when the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ guitar solo comes up. This Glasgow radio station knows this is a secret rock n’ roll habit all listeners have and made something out of it.

This funny and witty marketing campaign earned them much social media exposure thanks to people taking photographs next to the air guitar giveaway stand.

Antarctica Beer

Have you ever tried this Brazilian beer brand? You may want to in a few seconds. This company installed custom turnstiles for riding public transport during the Río de Janeiro Carnival, where dancing and drinking go hand in hand.

The exciting thing was the form of payment: empty beer cans. Passengers were enthralled by the idea of a free subway ride but most of all, by the concept. Why? Because it showed something consumers value more than a cold beer: social responsibility.

Not only were they saving money but also helping a recycling NGO, reducing fossil fuels by using public transport AND preventing accidents by drunk-driving.

Denny’s Diner

What can we say about Denny’s Diner? The best thing about this restaurant chain is, hands down, it’s social media strategy (no doubt one of the best weird marketing campaigns).

Basically, they know who their clients are and they know how to appeal to their surreal sense of humor. They do so with funny tweets and they also interact with customers through Tumblr, where many ask to be Denny-fyed, meaning that they want a gif to be altered to include something on Denny’s Diner menu. The impact? Denny’s Diner has a faithful clientele and impressive social media influence.

Weird marketing campaigns are… well, weird. But we must not fear the unknown! Embrace your inner weirdo and hey, with a top-notch marketing team and a dash of luck you may just boost your brand!

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