A New Political Paradigm:

Can governments survive in the 21st century?

Governments are funny things. A bunch of deeply damaged people whose job it is to keep several billion other deeply damaged people from killing one another... By taking their money and locking them in cages and killing them. This was a system that was created when people rode around on animals and wrote with feathers. Is it archaic? Obsolete?

We now live in a world where nearly every person is addicted to a phone. Information is exchanged instantly and fluidly, and it’s only getting easier to consume. We elect our own elites now. We hire people to entertain and inform us, instead they scare the shit out of us in every way they can because it keeps us coming back. Then we vote for whichever elite is less scary to the people who live near us.

The government consists of a group of people who decided they can make people love them by helping them. So they became public servants and realized that governing people isn’t necessarily helping them. The only function of the government after a certain point is to rob people and use the money to pay the media to scare them into giving the government more money and power.

The public servant either tries to change it for a while and gives up eventually, or they let themselves get corrupted by it.

The American Political Spectrum and the 2016 Election

Both major political parties in the US have been infiltrated by zealots. On the right, the Republicans have been infiltrated by religious zealots. On the left, Democrats have been infiltrated by Leftist zealots.

To understand what happened you have to think of people like apes, because that’s what we are. If your religion disagrees, fine, but for argument’s sake, let’s pretend we’re apes.

In any homogenous group of large African primates, there is a social hierarchy. Political parties, religions, football teams, circle jerks, whatever. Primates compete for status in this hierarchy by virtue signaling.

When people vote on the issues, politicians are fine, they just make their platform about what signals the virtue most important to their electorate. If people are afraid of an enemy, they signal strength. Poverty, they favor charity. Etc.

Since zealots have taken over both parties, politicians simply signal the virtues that are important to the zealots. Politicians on the right signal faith, try to seem holier than thou. Politicians on the left signal equality, and try to be the most tolerant people in the room.

Now people only vote out of fear of the zealotry on the other side. They dismiss anyone who disagrees with them as brainwashed by the enemy. They silence the opposition by shaming them, and they keep themselves brainwashed by seeing all dissenters as evil.

The 2016 election was a wake up call. Establishment politicians aren’t capable of getting elected in this way anymore. The “religious” right just proved that by running a racist, pussy grabbing cheeto against one of them and winning.

Republicans got so sick of religious zealotry and social justice warriors deciding every election, they nominated Donald Trump. Democrats got so sick of it, they skipped election day and got Starbucks instead of showing up to vote for a lying Warhawk’s historic vagina.


Vote Libertarian.

Libertarianism isn’t perfect. And the people who are there already are a little cooky. But it’s mostly because they know their government has been lying to them for 60 years. It’s easy to believe Hillary has been frequenting satanic orgies when you’ve seen a hundred theories just as bizarre that turned out to be horrifyingly true.

They are extreme centrists. So extreme they vote for a “lost cause” every year instead of the lesser of two evils. What the libertarians need is moderate centrism. People who realize there are some issues the left gets right, and some issues the right gets right, and most importantly, they know we will never figure out who’s right if we don’t listen to both sides.

The most important reason to vote libertarian isn’t about the result of the election. Your vote is your only reliable means of communicating with politicians. If you keep voting for the lesser psychopath, they’ll keep nominating nothing but psychopaths. Everytime you vote for a lost cause, you tell the government you’d rather waste your vote than give it to crazy people.

Each side sees a third party vote as theirs. They both think they’re entitled to it. Somehow a third party vote counts for both candidates and neither. They don’t cancel eachother out, they count for nothing, and they clinch the victory…

all at the same time.

It is Schrodinger’s vote. Magic.

That gives you power.