gDoc Starter Packs — your organisation’s first step towards a paperless future

Since the introduction of gDoc we’ve been working with organisations who have shared their pain about going digital. It’s a desirable business goal but it’s often uncomfortable for employees who are wedded to paper.

We believe that moving to digital should not require users to change the way they work and with this in mind we’ve just launched our gDoc Starter Packs, which make it easy for organisations to reduce their dependency on paper by giving them a software version of pen and paper that they are familiar with and can instantly use. The experience of using the Starter Pack will allow the organisation to discover how their employees currently work, and what a pen and paper replacement should look like to be successfully adopted.

There are two types of Starter Pack to get you quickly up and running:

gDoc Digital Binder is a digital ring binder that feels like paper. Choose this Starter Pack to create your own custom digital binder solution;

and Document Workspace, which allows you to relocate your workspace into the digital world. With the gDoc Document Workspace Starter Pack you can own-brand document workspaces to encourage collaborative working in your organisation.

To get you started, each application comes with your own-branded shrink wrapped version, 500 Royalty Free Licenses, a two day developer training course and 12 months support. If you prefer, you can also choose one of our gDoc Service Partners to help you find the right solution for you.

If you’re interested, why not try out the applications and see for yourself how they could replace the paper in your organisation?

Download and try Digital Binder

Download and try Document Workspace