Why I’m Ready to Break Up with Boogie

DeMarcus Cousins is many things to many people. From moment to moment, he is either inspiring awe or causing head-scratching. He’s a coveted commodity of other fan bases and seen as the only possible savior of his current franchise. But I’m done with him.

For a player in the middle of his sixth season, I just can’t accept what I saw in the Kings/Warriors game this week…

As you can see, the lowly Kings are up by two in the 3rd quarter against the World Champion Warriors, and playing fairly well. I’m fine with DeMarcus being upset. I’m fine with him getting a tech. What I’m not fine with, is the conscious decision you can see him make to get tossed from this game at the 0:18 mark of the above video. To me, that was a sign that he was done playing in this game. He gave up on the team, his teammates, and the chance to win the game. Boogie, you don’t get to say that the reason that the reason for your short temper is your enormous desire to win, and then do something like that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not angry with Boogie. I would be frustrated after this long too. He’s wasting his prime on a franchise that doesn’t have the tools nor the plan to make the leap.

As I watched the Kings/Sixers game last night, I realized something: I don’t think a big man can be “The Man” on an NBA team in this day and age. All elite big men also have a dynamic scorer or shooter to relieve them of defensive pressure. Though the Kings have some good spot-up shooters in Belinelli and Casspi, those guys aren’t creators in any way. Though they have one of the best creators in the game in Rondo, defenses know that his main goal is to pass.

Let’s pretend Harden was on the Kings. With Harden handling the ball at the top of the key, he is an immediate threat to pull up or drive. When he drives, he is a major threat to score. Imagine how much freer DeMarcus would be on that team. He could live on the block, catching and dunking dump-offs and alley-oops. He could play the pick-and-roll and hit the elbow jumper. He could become a dangerous passer if any team dared to double him because Harden would slash and/or long range snipers could camp outside and get open shots.

Rudy Gay appears to be fading fast, lost in games that desperately require his attention. But even at 60% of his potential, he is not enough to get the defensive focus off of Boogie. Defenses are betting that Gay can’t beat them and they’re right. Rondo isn’t going to beat them with jumpers, though he has improved. Ben McLemore is invisible, and it’s not the spot-up guys’ job to win. It’s their job to hit open shots when they get them, which they’ve done fairly well. Long story short, there’s just not enough here to keep the defense honest, and so let’s stop putting off the inevitable and let Boogie go. He honestly deserves better.

It’s not you, Boogie…it’s us.

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