Donald Trump can’t deport you

Muslim-American’s should not feel spooked under Trump’s presidency

As someone who was bullied for years, I will not let Trump’s comments bring me down to that point of my life again. Photo by Lenny Bergen

People would expect me, a Muslim-American young woman living in America, to be afraid after the 2016 presidential election results, but I am not. Here’s why.

The results will not immediately impact me, but they certainly have triggered something within the Muslim community. Already fearful for their future, most Muslim-Americans are uneasy, anxious, and disturbed by the election’s outcome.

The moment Trump was elected president, I had people from Lebanon contacting me to check up on me and make sure everything was okay and fear faintly crossed my mind at first, but I am not afraid. What can Trump possibly do to Muslim-American citizens?

The New York Times, writer reminisce Ali also received messages from friends in England asking him if he was okay as well. Ali fears for his children at school and states that he does not want his children to be bullied for simply having a Muslim name.

According to Karen Rouse’s WNYC interview on teachers being worried under Trump, readers find out that Muslim children are already targets for bullies due to the post election results.

For most of my life I’ve been called a terrorist for being Muslim and have hid my nationality and religion, lying to my classmates about my background. Reading Ali’s story and hearing Rouse’s interview was personal.

When Trump said “complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” in Charleston on Dec. 7, 2015 I was enraged but I knew he was all talk. He has also said that he wanted to have mosque surveillance and have a database for all Muslim’s living in the U.S.

Initially I thought to myself how could somebody running for president say these things and then partially take back almost everything he said until I realized it was all political strategy. He can’t do half the things he claims he wants to do without violating laws and constitutional rights.

I’ve seen all over social media Muslim women afraid of wearing their hijab but Donald Trump can not do anything about this. He can talk all he wants but he can NOT strip people of their religious representations, customs, rights, and values.

Mr. Trump will not be sworn in until Jan. 20, 2017 so he is not the president just yet. Americans, specifically Muslim-Americans, need to stand together and understand that this man will not deport all 3.3 million according to Pew Research Center of us.

Donald Trump cannot send these people back to their motherlands because America is their land now and they are citizens of The United States of America.

Trump’s presidency does not make me want to be a coward, but instead it makes me want to advocate for my religion and show it off to the world.

People in the Muslim community must not be frightened by these results and should collaborate with one another to educate non-Muslim’s about the religion. Muslim people are better than Trump’s comments and should continue practicing their religion and promoting it.

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