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Keep up the laser focus! It won’t do that much good; but it could encourage more of Electoral College to think harder about what is currently in our futures and what they can prevent? Daily; Trump demonstrates just how carried away with himself he has become already. Fairly sure he thinks he was elected Emperor vs. President. Once his election gels, we’re stuck until the impeachment. His appointments, the Carrier deal, the “Trump One” ludicrous plane proposal (which would be a windfall in tax write offs and enhancements for him personally)…….far beyond what his salary would be. All of it spells doom for our country. He gives his devotees the right to hate; while he steals even the silverware, before his impeachment. While his dim wit racists applaud.

No doubt Vlad has a plan for oh say; about Jan. 21st concerning our pontificating horses a.. wannabe dictator?

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