Let the Ticket Games Begin!

Today is the day! Get your G-Nome Project presale tickets ready because we’re launching the much anticipated Ticket Games (Previously called “PPP Games”)!

What are the Ticket Games?

  • The Ticket Games is a contest.
  • You enter the contest by buying presale tickets to any show on our May 2022 run.
  • Winners will be picked weekly and will get awesome prizes from the band!

How It Works

Entering the Ticket Games is EASY!

Just follow these steps:
1. BUY TICKETS: Click here to buy presale tickets to any G-Nome Project show in May
2. EMAIL US: Forward your order confirmation from your email to gnomeprojectmusic@gmail.com
3. SHARE: Share a selfie in your Instagram Stories with the text “I’m seeing G-Nome Project in May!” and tag @g_nomeproject

One more thing! The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win!

  • 1 ticket = 1 entry
  • 2 tickets = 3 entries
  • 3+ tickets = 5 entries

Enter by Wednesday each week. Winners will be announced each Thursday from April 21 to May 12!



When will winners be announced?

Weekly every Thursday, between April 21 and May 12!

Each week, we will draw another winner for various perks and prizes (more details on those below). You have until Wednesday at 5pm Eastern / midnight (GMT+3) each week to enter the weekly Thursday drawing. See above for instructions on how to enter.

The drawing will be done live on our Facebook page each Thursday at 9:30am Eastern / 4:30pm (GMT +3) and winners will be notified via email.

The final grand prize drawing will be done live on May 12 at our Milkboy show in Philadelphia, PA! (Click here to buy tickets to Milkboy).

Can I enter more than once?

YES! You can enter each week by repeating the steps above (i.e. buy tix, forward your order confirmation, share on IG and/or FB stories)

Can I win more than once?

NO! Winners cannot re-enter. Repeat entries from previous winners will be removed from the weekly drawing.

What prizes can I win?

Below are some of the prizes we’ve put together for our Ticket Games winners:

  • Basic Grilled Cheese Package: Pin + Sticker Pack
  • Garlic Grilled Cheese Package: T-shirt
  • Garlic & Tomato Grilled Cheese Package: Pin + T-shirt + Sticker Pack
  • Triple Cheddar Inside-Out Grilled Cheese Package: Pin + T-shirt + Sticker Pack + Hat
  • The Ooey Gooey Drippy Melt-Your-Face-Off Triple Cheese Special Grilled Cheese Package: One of each merch item + secret link to stream select G-Nome Project rehearsals + Free drink at the venue


Questions? Leave a comment on the FB announcement here!

Can’t wait to see you all in May! And good luck in the Presale Perk Party Games! 🤘🤘🤘




Israeli Psytronica Band. USA tour in May 2022 — PA, ME, and NH!

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G-Nome Project

G-Nome Project

Israeli Psytronica Band. USA tour in May 2022 — PA, ME, and NH!

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