C# is the best language to learn in 2017

C# is the language to learn in 2017 and its not because I am a Microsoft fanboy as I am really not. After having worked on various programming languages including Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, C#/ASP.NET, HTML5, and countless JavaScript libraries such as jQuery and AngularJS, I prefer using C# for a number of reasons that we will look at in this article.

Why C#

1. Visual Studio

C# has visual studio which is the code editor in my opinion, if you are getting in a big development team environment, Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) is a great tool to deal with repositories and version control in the team and TFS is also enabled in Visual Studio which makes it so easy to do version controls. With TFS updating your source file is as easy as clicking on the check option from the solution explorer, you compared to this to Python, you will find that python does not have nearly as much as tools and support as much as the C# programming language has. C# is really design for complex software applications which is reflected in its object oriented design; in fact the popular programming Q&A website “Stack-overflow” was built using the C#/ASP.net language.

2. Corporate support

A lot of companies uses certain programming languages because of the tools that are built around them and the massive amount of corporate support from they get when things go bad. Imagine that you are creating a valuable software application such as “Facebook.com”, all of a sudden your systems goes down; your company may lose data of an outrageous cost, depending on how much work is being loss as a result of your systems going down. To counter such problems, enterprises are paying the premium by using Microsoft technologies such as Azure and C# so that they can call Microsoft professionals to have their issues resolved through solution such as patches whenever possible. Major companies using C# includes companies using c# includes Stack-overflow, Electronic Arts,Blizzard Entertainment and Lego. The more the corporate support programming languages such as C# get, the more secure these are against vulnerabilities; Microsoft maintains the C# language so that it is up to date against the latest threats.

3. Community Support

A programmer community is all about helping other programmers and getting help from them. The size of the community matters a lot, the more people there are in a coding community, the higher the probability that you would receive help from another programmer. Nevertheless the more programming issues are resolved transparently online, the easier that programming language would become. For instance if there was a simple answer to every programming problem online then codding would be much easier. C# is supported by various programming communities including Stack-overflow, c-sharpcorner and many more”. Fun fact: C# has “4th Largest StackOverflow Community” and the “7th Largest Meetup Community” according to the website bestprogramminglanguagefor.me.

4. Garbage collection in Game Programming

C++ has always been the one of the most popular programming language for gaming, however there is no need for C++ anymore. Unlike C++, C# has garbage collection and memory management, which are essential for the creation of complex apps when using C#. With the tools available in C#, you will be able to add break points in your code, add watches and see Stack traces to see how your code is reacting on each line in your program. The Unity3d engine support c# game development really well, as a matter of fact there are a number of great games developed using Unity3d; Ori and the Blind Forest, Temple Run Trilogy and Superhot. Also Unity3d is a great engine for VR/Game development .

That’s it for this article, feel free to check my other articles if you like this one.