Productivity Hack

There is a limited amount of things that you can do due to scarcity of resources such as time, energy and many more. The more you have options the harder it is to choose what to do, for instance whenever you try to read technology news from Google news or any other system you may not be able to read it all. Whenever you starting a new project you will have million and one ideas but not every one of them can be executed. This blog article helps you achieve more by explaining productivity tricks that can enable you to be more productive by achieving more with less.

What to do?

As explained in the previous section you can do anything but not everything, however there is a trick that can help you achieve more with the your current resources. Here’s the catch for trick to work, you need to optimize your needs and maximize the resources that you have to achieve these needs. The next sections explain you how to optimize needs and maximize resources.

How to optimize your needs?

Categorize your needs by level of importance, drop the ones that you need the least important. Next try to relate your needs to one another and think about ways to achieve them in a minimum number of steps. For example if you need to learn about technology, writing and communication then write a technology blog, this single task can fulfill all of the three previously mentioned needs. Optimizing your needs are good and maximizing your resources your resources can help you fulfill your needs better. The next section explains you how to maximize your resources.

How to maximize your resources?

Play it smart by maximize your resources such as time and energy by doing things the quick and simple way instead of making things complicated — follow frameworks to do things better and faster. For instance web developers use the Model View Controller (MVC) framework to facilitate their tasks. Automate your tasks such as checking your email, replying to messages and more using built in features or your own scripts running on your operating system. Don’t be afraid to copy and reference the work of others where possible; it can save a lot of time. There are countless tricks you can apply to optimize your resources in order to achieve more with them.


It is obvious that you cannot do everything due to scarcity of resources, yet using productive hacks you can do more using less of your resources. This article explain few productivity hacks such as resources maximization and needs optimization, your next step is to apply these tricks and reach new frontiers.