Meditation will make you a better programmer: Here’s how.
Joe Previte

Thank you for making and sharing this article on Freecodecamp Joe.


My name is Rishi. Am a full stack .Net Core/Angular Dev, entrepreneur and university student. HeadSpace helped me to take better decisions by creating a lack of desire. HeadSpace taught me one important concept of meditation well;

“Everything we want, we already have”.

— HeadSpace

For example one want to buy a new game console to stimulate happiness/satisfaction yet nothing stops one to be happy/satisfied without the console. Its all in the mind.

Impact of your article

Reading your article gave me the motivation to meditate more, specially because it relates to coding where am spending about 11 hours a day now as per the WakaTime app. Planning to do fifteen minutes of meditation every morning following your steps as a model which I can built on top. Moreover will be also looking into Free 8-week e-course on meditation for beginners which you mentioned one step at a time. Keep up the good work.

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