Black Lives Matter

What if it had been your child what if it had been your family.

Imagine returning home from the store. A typical evening visiting your mother. Wearing your warm hooded sweatshirt and looking forward to enjoying the sweets you bought from the store. Only to be gunned down. At 17 your life is over..

Now image driving to a job interview that you waited so long to get. You get pulled over for failure to signal a lane change and die hours later in the custody of police.

Now think about getting a call that your 12 year old son has just been gunned down for playing with a toy gun.

All these are true incidents that have occurred in the last 4 years. 17 year old Trayvon Martin, 28 year old Sandra Bland and 12 year old Tamir Rice. All black individuals who died at the hands of someone who was never brought to justice.

These unjust incidents are not new to the criminal justice system. In fact they are quite common. We have been able to see many cases in recent days were children and minorities are being killed. Specifically African American individuals.

Black Lives Matter was created in 2012 after the death of Trayvon Martin. The man who shot Trayvon named George Zimmerman was acquitted for his crime. It is a movement that is a call to action set to wake up the people of the dehumanization of black lives. It is a organization that stands up for injustice to the black community.

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There has always been an issue with the amount of minorities that are in prisons and murdered. A popular example is in the case of McMillian V. Monroe County, Alabama. In this case a young black man was tried and put on death row for a murder he did not commit. After six years on death row it was discovered that Walter McMillian had never committed the crime of shooting a 18 year old white female. In fact the officers who arrested Walter were threatening witnesses to say Walter committed the crime.

The people need more than a promise that these black lives will stop being singled out. The people need action. This is why groups like Black Lives Matter are so important in helping to change our justice system. The number of protests and attention that have been brought up by this organization have helped shined the light on the injustice of so many young people like Trayvon and Tamir.

Before this movement many black and minority lives were being killed, falsely accused, murder by law officials and treated unfairly. This organization has brought media attention and is demanding for change within predominately black communities.

There has to be change from everyone. Light has to be shined on all individuals. We have to not only look at the people dying by others in their community but by the lives that we have lost while in police custody. The lives that were taken while no crime was being committed. These incidents are become all to familiar we need our people and justice system to stand up together realize there is a problem and make a change to end racism and injustice in our system.

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