Student Wifi

As I start my final year in high school and involve myself in different classes/ activities, I have come to question why schools don’t always create a student wifi. Technology is very involved in our daily lives and it certainly wont go away. As get involved with classes that require our own laptops and wifi, which may be hard for some students, I wonder why there hasn’t been a student wifi just for the students. If students got their own wifi they would be able to bring in things from home and work on them. Students would also be able to incorporate tech into their work and projects if they always had an available device at hand (besides their phone which may be limited for certain tasks). One could definitely argue against a student wifi, but I would still ask, “Why not just try?”. Why take away the ability to use our own devices? I think that not giving students the access to Wifi is holding us back from creating new things and ideas. It holds us back from evolving our way of learning.

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