Are People Really in Love Anymore?

This question has been on my mind for weeks now. My boyfriend and I recently started on what we like to call “a break”. Now for those who have never experienced that, a break basically is the same thing as a breakup except at the end of the time you hopefully come back to each other with this newfound sense of passion and desire. Apparently a lot of couples go through this same thing to try and spice up their love life again. Unless you know that things will change for the better, calling a break is just avoiding the ever impending break up. Seeing this happen not only in my own life but in others makes me question if people are even in love anymore. I mean there are moments where that special someone may be the only person you think you will ever love but lets face the facts, unless you know they are going to be your future husband, then they are not truly in love with you. If they feel that they “need a break”, they aren’t the one for you. If they really loved you, they would find a way to make things just as special as they were when you first fell in love with them. I believe that the person you are meant to be with will discover new ways to make you feel as amazing and as special as you truly are. So if your special someone ever brings up going on “a break”, then talk to them. See how they really feel. You might compromise in the ever impending breakup or you may even save your relationship.

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