All the Times I Ruined My Hamilton Viewing Experience By Comparing Myself to the Titular Protagonist

Alright, here are all the times I ruined my Hamilton viewing experience by comparing myself to the titular protagonist.

I also showed promise at a young age!!!

I also excelled at school!!!

I also appear pretty boring to cool people at bars until I start dazzling people with my wits!!!

Ambition is also my greatest folly!!!

There were some lyrics I didn’t catch about a third of the way through the first act, but I bet they bore some weight for me as an ambitious creative

I also look kinda bald when I wear my hair in a ponytail!!!

I also disappoint my family in my unwillingness to visit home because I’m busy with my work!!! (read: have an improv rehearsal)

I also resent people with lukewarm opinions on matters I consider important!!!

I also LOVE revolution — sometimes I write comedy sketches that unexpectedly dramatic

I also make enemies because I care TOO much — Anthony from my sketch troupe doesn’t think my dramatic sketches have a place in our next revue

I also am concerned with my legacy, even to my own detriment — if I have to quit this sketch troupe to make a name for myself in the history of this art form, then I WILL

Look at me — writing like I’m running out of time!! Because I am! Gotta go to our table-read now!!!