Help! I Am Making TV and I Can’t Shut Up

Hi — how are you? Have you drank coffee this morning? Or maybe water? I have to remind myself to drink water, but when I do, I do feel better. Maybe we should all go to bed early tonight. That sounds nice.

I assume you’re here because you found my piece Me, A Chill Girl With No Feelings, and you liked it so much that you stuck around. I’m very glad you did.

I’ve written something new, and I want to tell you about it. It is, like the essay that brought us together, incisive and clever and a tribute to messy hearts that think and feel a little too much than is convenient. I will cry onscreen a lot during it. And also, it is very funny!

I created an original series called I Swear It’s Not Boring. It’s a sharp-tongued character comedy about the staff of a local public radio station in suburban Ohio. In it, people think and make and whisper and yell and fight and kiss all under a quiet soundtrack of jazz and Ira Glass. If you love NPR or fast-paced clever comedy or stories about suburbia or board games or astrology or watching nerds fall in love or pouring your heart into literally everything you touch, I made this show for you.

It is being produced this summer, and it is a very expensive process that we need some help with. You can read more about why our show deserves whatever you can give to it here.

It stars my dumb ass and a diverse cast of Chicago-based comedians who should all already be famous. Should I not swear when I’m asking you for money? You let me swear when I was Fucking Crazy, so I’m gonna have to guess it’s okay.

What’s weird is that I’m not rich, despite having the personality of a wealthy cartoon man who wears a top hat and a monocle. If you are, or if you have just a few bucks you can part with for the sake of art made honestly, show us some love and we’ll give you 1) your pick of gift baskets and 2) a very warm-hearted and funny show due for release on Vimeo, Amazon Prime, and (cross your fingers) more in late 2018.

Please click. Please click. Please.

I love you,

Gabbi Boyd
Person you followed because of That One Essay
@GabbiBoyd on Twitter, where I will continue to try and win you over with one-liners and pitches for this project