Haiti and the DR

June 29, 2015

Relations between Haiti and the Dominican Republic have been tense and even bloody for a long time.

Right now, the Domincan government wants to deport people of Haitian decent who do not have documentation.

This decision has deep roots in politics and history.

Here are updates from our country director, on June 23, 2015:

“ Last Wednesday, June 17th the deadline for immigrants (meaning mostly persons of Haitian descent) to regularize their status in the Dominican Republic passed. Since then the American press was painting a dire scene in the DR, and yet those of us here, had very little specific information about what “deportation” would look like. In the absence of information about the deportation plan, and in the face of international concern, PCDR took precautions. We asked you to limit your travel, stay in your sites, have your documentation on you at all times, and we cancelled all events over the weekend and either cancelled or delayed events through the week of June 22. We also have been reaching out to PCVs around the country — border areas and elsewhere — to monitor the situation.

We now have the following information about the deportation plan. DR is now in second stage of “analyzing documents” and that persons will have until August 1 to complete their files and regularize their migration status. For now, the country remains “tranquilo” Only migration authorities have the authority to deport, not the military, not the police. Although such officials may be escorted by military or police (referred to as “inter-disciplinary teams” in the paper) only immigration officials can deport. A number of deportation holding centers will be located around the country, and persons held will be given the opportunity to produce relevant paperwork before being deported.”

And here are some good articles that give more information about the topic:

And to put some faces to the numbers:

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