Things I Got Better at Since Joining the Peace Corps

June 5, 2015

Not including the obvious, like Spanish language skills.

1. Listening for the hum of the refrigerator. When it starts, I know the power came back on and I can charge my phone.

2. Hanging my clothes on and taking them off the barbed wire fence, with the least amount of damage possible.

3. Making rice. As in, I learned how to cook rice.

4. Sitting for long periods of time in plastic chairs.

5. Taking care of animals and not helicopter parenting them.

6. Taking afternoon naps.

7. Taking cold showers.

8. Budgeting. Kind of.

9. Sleeping with a loud choir of animal noises in the background.

10. Wielding a broom to shoo and kill cockroaches, spiders, and lizards.

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