On Saturday, I gave my first English class. That is a whole other subject, as other volunteers have heard me talk about how I do not want to give English classes. Though there are many reasons I am oppossed to giving ESL classes (how is it benefitting the community, I could be doing more useful things with my time, etc) there are also many that doing this is beneficial. For example, I am getting to know my youth more and I am figuring out their schedules, so that when I start my health groups, I have a handle on when most kids will show up.

But I digress. So the first class was Saturday morning. Three teens came, all related. I had about an hour class. Afterwards, as we were locking up and leaving, one of the girls asked “Gabi, quieres un perro?” Heck SI I do want a dog. Fondly recalling the mess of having a dog for three weeks during training, I did know I had to ask my dona first. It is her home and I did not know if she wanted something running around and pooping everywhere.

So I took the five minute walk home and asked my grandma. She said yeah, why not. She told she used to have a dog and that if I wanted one, sure. So I took her blessing, walked back to where I knew the girls were and replied, yes, yes I do want a dog. We then went on another walk to the house and after a few minutes of meeting the beautiful, muddy lady, I took her home.

After giving her some water, I spent an hour with my Spanish-English dictionary trying to come up with a good name. I settled on Tuna for some reason.

She is 1/2 type 3 and 1/2 other type of chihuahua, so they tell me. I don’t know what that means. I do know she is tiny, the same color as the dirt road here, and she hates being alone. She follows me everywhere and sometimes listens when I call her name. She doesn’t poop in my bed and she loves cuddling in my lap. She is mostly always cold, especially in the morning, when even I wear a fleece.

I’ve already been asked if I am taking her home to Nueva York or if I am leaving her here and all I have to say is that question clearly and strongly defies my taking things one day at a time. I cannot comprehend what the next 23 months will bring so no, I have no clue.

I take her on long walks and when I do my interviews and she is a great companion. She is actually good for my health because I am walking more and I get to get out of my own head for a while, because I am worrying about her. I am excited to develop our relationship.

Sometimes when we walk I sing songs about how much I love tuna fish sandwhiches, but not often, because that would be crazy, right?

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