What I’m grateful for

March 15, 2016

It hasn’t been an easy month. I’m in my third week of Alternative Spring Breaks and though I believe in them and have fun with them, it’s been a difficult job. I have learned a lot, but I have not slept a lot.

So instead of going into details I am going to write out a list of things in my life that have been and are awesome.

  1. Meeting new college students every week who are so nice, excited, smart, and friendly.
  2. Working on a team with people I can laugh with.
  3. Friends who support me in many different ways.
  4. Being able to shower in my apartment.
  5. Being proud of and happy for my family figuring out the DR.
  6. My Peace Corps friends, now and forever.
  7. The Spanish music station in the car.
  8. Having a car to drive this month.
  9. My new adorable watch.
  10. The correct contact lens prescription.
  11. And not having that eye disease (yet).
  12. Self care acts like eating and going to the doctor.
  13. Getting to lead this kind of unique life.
  14. Talking about my journey and having people relate to me and appreciate me.
  15. That one girl who said she wants to be me when she is older.
  16. Being able to take an hour to get a piercing, even in the midst of the craziness.
  17. I get to be with Tuna in only about two weeks.
  18. Bosses who care.
  19. People who plug my computer in when they take out a power cord.
  20. Taking a moment to appreciate the trees on my drives.
  21. Organizations who say thank you.
  22. Drives.
  23. Picking up a cot that is particularly not uncomfortable.
  24. Positive distractions.
  25. That one time I got to take a jog this last month.
  26. Ice cream
  27. The heater we use while we work on computer things
  28. Everyone who wrote me a nice note
  29. Dancing bachata to Romeo with a participant in front of many other participants while in a dress
  30. Coffee for getting me through
  31. One of my site leaders reading Harry Potter out loud to me and another site leader
  32. Getting a tour of Orioles Park
  33. Going to the aquarium
  34. and speaking to a participant completely in Spanish the whole time
  35. That time Nate thought he bought 9 pounds of sour patch kids and it was only 1.9 pounds
  36. Free Girl Scout Cookies
  37. Those one on one moments before dinner I have with participants where they share their important moments from the day
  38. Sinking into the quiet of a silent moment
  39. Those few times I got to ‘shoot hoops’ in the Boys an Girls Club gym
  40. Dance breaks to Rihanna
  41. A fully charged phone
  42. Getting scolded for not journaling and therefore being redetermined to journal and then buying a new journal
  43. People who share good articles
  44. BAD Plaid day, when me and my staff all wore plaid and had people staring at us
  45. and we had a great afternoon of whimsical restaurants, ice cream, the harbor, and thinking about things other than work (work work work work)
#BADsquad #plaidsquad
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