He’s a former computer science professor who has a passion for machine learning and is now developing solutions for the nation’s largest mobile marketplace. After teaching in Iran for a decade, Arash came to the United States with dreams of getting a doctorate and starting a bustling career in tech. Now, he’s got a doctorate in computer science and is using his machine learning skills to ensure every OfferUp user’s home feed is personalized to their own unique interests.

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What brought you to OfferUp?

After I finished my doctorate, I started doing research on high-performance computing, which is essentially creating supercomputers that we can then use to solve complex technological problems. I learned about machine learning and how we can use programming functions, algorithms, and statistics to help computers find data patterns and make decisions on their own. My first job after completing my research was at the same A.I. voice company where my colleague Hans worked before joining OfferUp. There, I built models for voice applications that were deployed in Toyota cars and Samsung phones, but I was always working on one task that was only for one product. I wanted to work for a company where there were a variety of machine learning tasks. When I started to look for my next career opportunity, I discovered OfferUp and learned there would be many machine learning opportunities to help support the business. …

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Photo Credit: Adam Deer, Tofino, BC

This is our favorite time of year, when the rain gives way to long stretches of sunshine, the trails dry out, and the rivers run high. It’s adventure season, and whether you’re a diehard dirtbag or a weekend warrior, it’s time to check a few more trips off the list.

But if you’re anything like us, even as your bucket list shrinks, your gear list gets longer. The math runs something like this: the more adventures you plan, the more gear you buy. The more gear you buy, the more gear you want.

Before you start spending the kids’ college funds on new climbing pro or an expanded ski quiver, let OfferUp help you find top-notch gear at aftermarket prices. It’s like REI’s Garage Sale every day on OfferUp, and you don’t even need to wake up early to snag the best deals. …

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Liz at boho thrift shop, Vida Moulin. Phoenix, AZ

Bargain shopping, thrifting, antiquing — whatever you call it, it’s the budget-friendly craze that’s slowing been transforming our shopping habits and coming into its own among trend-setting millennials. By 2021 — a short three years from now — the resale market is expected to hit a whopping $33 billion, up from the industry’s $18 billion high-water mark in 2016. Those big dollars mean big opportunity for creative entrepreneurs. And Liz Kamarul is one of them.

After graduating from the University of Idaho with a major in clothing design and a minor in interior design, Liz entered the world of home staging, where her love of unique designs and one-of-a-kind finds propelled her into Instagram stardom. As a Professional Thrifter, she thrives in an industry that romanticizes the hunt. Every trip to the thrift store or scroll through the OfferUp feed is a quest for treasure, and Liz is a master at finding diamonds in the rough. …

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