If you are thinking of breeding your Yorkie, you should consider a few problems you might face, and the depth of knowledge you need before preparing them for that “big day”. Is your dog suitable for breeding? Is he/she old enough for it? Are you financially stable for breeding? …

Having a four-legged bestie and spending quality time with him is cool, but dog owners should give importance to their hygiene as well. Health and hygiene go hand in hand with each other, as practicing proper hygiene is the key to having good health. Not only does this go for…

The first dating app for dogs, called Gabby, has been created in Armenia.

Gabby gives you the chance to:

  • find a mate for your dog
  • track your dog’s health
  • follow the vaccinations and consumed calories

The app is available both for IOS and Android users.

Gabby is a real achievement for those who have four-legged friends. Many even wonder how they lived without the app before. The application makes the life of dog owners easier and offers many opportunities:

  • to find a mate or a playmate for your dog
  • to track the dog’s health
  • to…

Gabby App

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