A Letter to Recent College Graduates

Originally published June 24, 2020

As most of us are aware, the world is currently living in unprecedented times. 2020 began with the Australian bush fires, the threat of a possible World War III, and the tragic death of Kobe and Gianna Bryant. COVID-19 only added to this devastation. The pandemic has killed nearly 8 million people worldwide and is continuing to run its course.

Political and economic tensions are also at an all-time high. George Floyd’s murder committed by the Minneapolis Police Department triggered demonstrations and protests in various cities around the world. On top of the issue of systemic racism in America, there are anxieties pertaining to the harsh possibility of Trump’s reelection.

These historical events are a semblance of how society is going through a paradigm shift in its institutionalized practices. Younger generations are questioning what the future will look like for them. With all of the chaos occurring in the early stages of our professional lives, everything that we have worked for remains at a standstill.

Like many recent college graduates, I am still comprehending how the fragile state of our country will affect us in the long run. According to the Washington Post, 6.6 million Americans have filed for unemployment in April. We are in the wake of an economic depression. There will be limited jobs for us to fill, and the virus will only continue to spread.

I’ve heard it from everyone in my family: “This is the worst time to graduate.” Yes, that is an obvious assumption. We are well-aware that the economy will likely crash. My job search started right after my virtual graduation. I have yet to find anything, especially as an aspiring writer and editor.

However, these unprecedented times do serve a higher purpose. The failings of the healthcare system, the corruption of the government, and the injustices experienced by communities of color are the perfect recipe for radical change in America and in other parts of the world. If we don’t act boldly now, we will remain in a society dominated by those on top.

I’m terrified for what is to come. The idea of moving to a big city and starting my career seems intangible. But our generation is strong. We have been through incessant adversities. We aren’t afraid to question authority. I believe this is a necessary moment in history — not only for us to grow as humans, but to be the architects for a better future.



Lover of all things pop culture. Passionate about crafting compelling stories that create lasting conversations!

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Gabrielle Chulick

Lover of all things pop culture. Passionate about crafting compelling stories that create lasting conversations!