The Opera House

Andy Warhol is considered the father of pop art. He is well known for his screen printings of Marilyn Monroe and the Campbell’s soup cans. But he also made his name known in the film industry. One notable creation is his film called Empire. I felt a connection to this film because he captures the iconic Empire State Building as it is, a structure stretching high above the New York skyline. Warhol shoots an eight hour long movie at dusk with no sounds and minimal lighting. In the same way, I have chosen a very iconic building in Sydney to film, the Opera House. Through film and editing I was able to capture the same beauty and magnificence as the sun was setting over the Opera House indicating a clear atmospheric change.

Afternoon sun shining on the Opera House.

A subtle but interesting moment in the film occurs when Warhol’s reflection is caught in the glass window as he changes the film reel. Towards the end of my video, I had decided to pay homage to that moment by including my own silhouette. One really begins to appreciate the work of art and effort that has gone into the construction of such amazing buildings when watching them for long periods of time. I feel that this sense of awe and inspiration is what Warhol attempted to capture through his work on Empire by allowing the viewer to see and interpret the film in their own way. Hopefully this same sentiment resonates with my work.


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