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On the eve of elections cheers rang through the house,
Not a moment was wasted in voting him out.
Celebrations and bubbly poured without care,
As the Democrat winner was promptly declared,
Citizens rejoiced as they lay in their beds;
While visions of indictments hung in their heads.

While many gave thanks to have our nation back;
At the White House, the ousted were refusing to pack.
Out on the lawn, photogs and reporters gathered,
To prod and pose questions, that actually mattered.

Blinded by rage as the cameras flash,
He tears at the public to kiss his ass.
The army warns when he refuses to go,
“This,” he shouts, “this is my show!”

Then from the Rose Garden, a small man appears;
Dear God. Help us all. It’s Vladimir!
With a diminutive stature, he was lively and quick,
I knew in a moment the sky would be lit.

In a hasty upheaval, his soldiers they came,
Reciting allegiance in unrecognizable sayings.
As the Kremlin shouted the verses the same,
Don paused for command as he called them by name:

“Heil, Kim! Heil, Putin! Sieg heil to the Kremlin!
Heil high, to
Twittler say every far-right citizen!
From Capitol Hill to the bordering walls,
We’re taking this country once and for all!”

As if inside a hurricane’s eye,
I watched in dismay, nearly frozen in time.
Then up to the House our soldiers they flew,
With an arsenal of weapons and citizens, too.
We defeated them swiftly! Democracy resumes!
Now the two await justice in 4’ X 4’ rooms.

I arrive quite early before reporters can pounce,
As I sugar up to the bailiff to watch it go down.
With a front row seat, I’m close-up to the action,
From the scowl on his face to witness reaction.

He spoke not a word, as he entered the court,
But to his daughter and wife; complicit cohorts.
Dressed all in orange, from his head to his foot,
It was hard to decipher his mouth from his hoof.

Arrogance he bore, with a treasonous hat,
He looked like a fool as he refuted the facts.
He had a deeper frown now and a rounder belly,
And though Conway was present — no sign of Kelly.

His grin tightened as he looked around, wary,
As witnesses testified to the burdens they carry.
Then his tiny mouth opened round like a hole,
As he shouted at them to, “shut up and go!”

At every testimony he fired off speech,
While the smoke from his ears whistled at each.
His cohorts sat smug, but offered no help,
And I laughed as I saw this, quite beside myself.

He must have heard me, for then he twisted his head.
We locked eyes for a moment as his flashed red.
I looked away, rather shaken with fear and dread,
The court is called to order as we all look ahead.

“All rise!” the Judge enters; he turns up his nose,
While giving a nod to her Honor, as we rose.
She threatened contempt; counsel begged for dismissal,
Trumped up charges, they claimed, were leftist dog whistles.

The verdict was guilty on every charge she read back:
Treason, obstruction, and evasion of tax.
We sang and rejoiced as we burned MAGA hats,
And I heard him say, just before sentenced to life:
“Make America great again! Long live the Far-right.”

Humbly inspired by this timeless American classic

Written by

Writer. Poet. Feminist. Coffee Lover. I divorced the Oxford comma. We were in an abusive relationship. 👇✉

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