Ready to learn

The main reason I decided to enter into a coding bootcamp was because of the resources that are made available to the students. Many of the things we will learn are all available online; but the added human resource is invaluable. Countless times over the past few months, I have spent hours going through video after video until I was able to find one that answered the question I was actually asking. This obviously isn’t an efficient use of time.

In preparation for the huge commitment, we have sent off our two dogs to stay with my in-laws. It was a hard decision, but I know there will be days that I will have to work late into the night and it wouldn’t be fair; especially to a 1-year old Husky mix.

For the next three months (at least), learning at The Iron Yard is my sole biggest priority. With the dogs gone and my wife working in Tampa, Florida 4 days a week; I am in a good environment free from distractions. Most importantly, I am ready to learn!

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