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Serverless is among the most hyped technologies in the last few years. It was created to offload operational burdens to the cloud. Now, serverless is a compute option for all companies, even those that run their data center. A large part of this evolution is that developers generally love working with serverless. There are four primary reasons that developers favor serverless approaches, serverless scales automatically, responds to events, allows developers to focus on a single feature, and reduces the operational burden on the team.

Serverless Scales

It is often difficult to predict how and when a piece of software gets used. A system might have 100 transactions per second for an hour and drop down to one transaction every ten seconds for the next three hours. In a traditional system, this would mean building your application to handle a peak load, including testing, with the ability to scale well. Serverless functions scale automatically. A serverless system spins up additional function handlers to process changes in a workload. Developers don’t have to worry about optimizing a system for 100 transactions; they optimize for one and let the system do the scaling work. …


Gabe Hicks

CTO Nortal North America. Technology Leader / Architect with a passion for building great software.

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