2018 Manifesto

Tomas Anunziata from Pexels

2017 was cool and all. I learned and grew a lot. But 2018 will be better. I will expect more from myself this year than ever before.

I will grow mentally, spiritually, and emotionally more this year than in years past. I will learn more. I will seek to understand more. I will be more active. I will build more relationships and networks. I will create more. I will make more money. In general, I will do more.

But don’t go into 2018 super motivated only to burn out two weeks in.

Fuck your motivation. Be disciplined.

Understand that building new and positive habits will take time.

Understand that you will fail and relapse.

Understand that you cannot be perfect. Don’t place arbitrary constraints on yourself. Fuck up on purpose to liberate yourself.

Don’t give a shit about what other people think about you. They don’t want the same things you do. No one has a more vested interest in your success than you do.

Understand that consistent change for the better is best done in small steps rather than in a great leap.

Here are some mantras to keep in mind in 2018 while you become the best version of yourself:

Done is better than perfect.

You don’t have time to waste trying to chase whatever arbitrary image of perfection you’ve idealized inside your head. Don’t be crippled by chasing perfection. Do your best work, put it out, and move on. If you are doing something creative, remember that creativity is subjective, but deadlines aren’t. Just do.

Action beats intention. Execution over explanation.

Talking about doing work doesn’t get work done. Don’t fall in love with an idea. Don’t hype up all of your intentions and theories when you’ve done nothing to act on them. Execution is the game. In the end, all that matters is that you did the work. Nobody cares that you had this idea or that plan. They don’t see what goes on in your head, they only see the end product.

And make sure you enjoy the process while you’re at it. If you don’t love the process, the grit, the grind, you don’t deserve the success.

Don’t let your school get in the way of your education.

Don’t ever stop investing in yourself. Do something your future self will be thankful for. Read to expand your vocabulary and become a better writer. Read to expand your long-term memory and become more creative. Read about new topics to keep you sharp at conquering new learning curves. Diversify your portfolio. Always be in a growth mindset. If you want things other people don’t have, you’ll need to do things other people don’t do.

Practice becoming.

You are never done creating yourself. You must always keep reinventing yourself and try to be better than yesterday. Build upon what you’ve learned and keep improving. There are days where you will be unmotivated, but remember that discipline rules. Keep trudging on. It’s a process. Everyday is just practice for what you will be tomorrow. Practice becoming the best version of yourself.

Very excited for what 2018 has in stock, but this year will only be as good as you seek to make it.

In 2018, I will sow more than I reap — give more than I take.

I will love and I will learn and I will create.

I will do more.

2018 will be a year of doing.