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This article will annotate the creation of a smart doorbell, using a Raspberry Pi. Enlightened by the internet of things (IoT) technology sprouting in our neighborhoods lets take this opportunity to develop our own IOT device given all the hype. Hopping on the wagon lets begin with an intuitive prototype of a smart doorbell. The concept design should utilize a push button to text my cell phone a web address to view a video stream channeled by the Raspberry Pi.



What does it take to not just work, but succeed in software? It takes mastery and reverse engineering of legacy problems, and coming up with your own solutions to maintain a competitive edge. The web development stack has overflowed with new frameworks and updated languages; making mastery extremely rough, and also unlikely. There will always be something better next year. The truth of the matter is, to be a software engineer these days takes intuition and the capacity to develop a system which allows one to learn software effectively.


Gabriel Aboy

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