Don’t follow the herd. Photo cred @kamillehmann

Why You Need to Change Your LinkedIn Profile NOW!

Recruiters everywhere might cringe at this post. Beware if you are a recruiter! We are about to go against the norm.

For years, we’ve been taught to weave key words into our resumes so it improves our chances of being found by recruiters. We listened and like middle school boys spraying “drug-store” cologne on in hopes of getting a girl’s attention, we spray “digital cologne” in the form of key words in our resumes (profiles) in hopes of getting an interview. We cross-fingers and hope we will get noticed. Sigh.

How is that working for you?

I am going to go out on a limb and say not well. Unless your resume carries words like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, etc. — it is just another resume amongst the thousands of resumes received for the job you covet. I am NOT exaggerating. Many companies receive tens of thousands of resumes per job posting. They are then forced rank by algorithms and software. Meaning your odds of being found are somewhere between making a hole-in-one or being hit by an asteroid. So how do you break through?

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” -Mark Twain
“When everyone zigs…you zag” -unknown

Taking that first step to zag and go against the majority is a BIG first step. One that is wrapped in FEAR. We believe that resistance is futile so we just follow the herd. STOP following. Take a chance and go against the grain. Here is ONE quick way to “zag”.

Tell us a story

“Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.” -Dr. Howard Gardner, professor Harvard University

Please tell us a story. Not just a story, but your story. According to the quote, a story is “a powerful weapon in your arsenal”. So, use them as such. When you set out to tell a story you bring the reader along with you. You allow them to hear your personality come through in words. Your story allows your audience to experience you — which opens the door to a connection. A connection brings with it the opportunity to have an impact. and impact brings potential for a memorable moment. Your goal is to create those memorable moments. You want your profile/resume to be memorable. Not another standard boring business resume. There are plenty of those!

Words are a powerful medium. So use them!

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” -Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker

Don’t be an automaton. Are you witty? Creative? Visionary? Charismatic? How would you describe yourself? Does it show in your profile/resume? Does your personal brand come through or is full of corporate lingo? (Need help finding out your personal brand? Please subscribe! :P)

Adding corporate talk to your resume is a tactic, IMHO, that is sooo “2000-late”. No one gets a sense for who you really are. Your personal brand DOES NOT come through. You sound like a robot. Quit telling everyone “about what you’ve made” and start letting everyone know “why you’ve made it”. There are thousands of people that can do what you do but not many can explain why.

Tell us why through a story.

In conclusion, take us on a journey. We want to know more about you. What drives you? What type of person you are than what you can do. That is secondary. I’d rather take someone with a strong why and want with little talent than someone with high talent with no reason why.

One other thing…don’t be afraid to send a cold email, or two, or three, or however many it takes the get a response.

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On a side note: I followed this advice and changed my profile to tell an authentic story about me. Since the change, I’ve noticed a large jump in profile views and consistent increase in weekly profile views of +50%. This week +247%.