Why I Want to Attend Holberton

The generation of millennials has the most exposure to the evolution of modern computer technology out of any other generation of humans. I still remember as a child being awestruck when witnessing the capabilities of big clunky looking boxes anywhere from the Commodore 64 to the Nintendo 64. Of course, in retrospect, those pieces of hardware were marvels of functionality and design at the time, but when compared to the feats technology can accomplish not even a half century later, it can make one think what it would be like if we as a society had made no effort to progress over that time. This is why I want to become a software engineer. Nothing has a larger impact on our lives today than technology, and whether we are affected positively or negatively depends how we create and use different technologies. It is my belief that technology can always be used to create a positive impact in people’s lives and it is my dream to design applications that will not only fulfill basic user requirements, but will also create positively life changing experiences for them. For example, I started my first serious relationship in high school partly in thanks to Facebook. As a most basic requirement, Facebook is an application that provides a line of communication online between you, your friends and family. To achieve this, you wouldn’t need anything more than a simple chat messaging application. However, Facebook goes beyond what users my think they need which allowed me to be able to view details about this girl I liked and learn her interests so that I can share music on her wall that we both like and chat with her since I did not own a cell phone at the time. From there, I experienced many things that have contributed to my growth as a person. It is my dream that one day users of my applications can gain meaningful experiences as I have had in the past with technology.

Growing up, I have always had issues staying attentive for school lectures, busy work, and brute force memorization. As a result, I had always felt I did not quite reach my full potential in grade school because I never felt engaged with the teaching methods I experienced at that time. Going into college, I was very hopeful and optimistic that this dynamic would change. I realized that in the end, it was still the same general structure of lecture and theory with very little practice. With little results gained from approaching higher education at that angle, I began teaching myself computer science through online resources. This put me into a hands on learning mindset and I quickly found that I had come to understand and accomplish more through this style of learning than I ever have in my previous computer science classes. Through my self studies I was able to earn small Android development role at a previous employer and have continued on to polish my web development skills. At this point, I feel the next step for me is to learn how to design and execute full scale projects and collaborate with peers on projects as well as learn industry standards for the entire software development process. For this reason, I believe that Holberton has the best opportunity to offer for aspiring software engineers. The entire education model is what I have dreamed of my whole life. I like to focus on projects with a purpose and to be able to communicate with like-minded people and I believe that Holberton will provide the best setting for this course structure because of the central location for peers and mentors to meet as well as the flexibility to learn on one’s own terms. I think Holberton is running an amazing program that I’m sure many experienced developers wish they had access to when they were learning, which is why I appreciate the opportunity just to have a chance to be a part school. If I am accepted, I know I will be provided with the best possible resources for success and I will enthusiastically be pushing myself to create a solid career foundation for myself.