Hey Gabe Hanson, thanks for your comments.
Michael Ramsburg

Michael this is where you and I disagree. I find stereotypes to be a good sense of entertainment and a good chance to laugh at yourself. You see Michael if people only made fun of Appalachian people then you’d be right something should be done to stop it. But let’s be real TV Social Media all of it is always and continuously attacking everyone at once. You aren’t the only one, and I say that not because I think that’s what you were trying to say but to show light that no one really takes TV seriously. I lived in the south for about 3 years and when I say the south I mean Texas and let me tell you those are some people who need to take a good look at themselves and laugh. It’s a joke come on seriously get over it. No one won’t hire you because you “grow up in the Appalachian Mountains” guess what happens when you tell people that’s where you’re from. Nothing, nothing happens. Banjo’s are a joke? Talk about only hearing the bad lol you’re joking right? Have you heard of Mumford and Sons? Michael I don’t mean to be hostile but it looks like you’re trying to find fault in something that doesn’t exist

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