I know what songs y’all like the most, who your biggest movie stars are, how you achieve the hottest hairstyles in your magazines, what fashion you’re appropriating.
White People: I Want You To Understand Yourselves Better
Ijeoma Oluo

Wow….. I guess white culture is just shallow with no meaning and rely’s on pop culture and entertainment…… I mean it’s a small facet…. but for real honey wanna know white culture go to Minnesota or the MidWest….. Maybe even go to Europe, but so far my best friend who’s no where near your “intelligence” knows far more about white culture then you do….. Honestly you remind me of grandpa who thinks he understands Black culture………. You should hear him talk XD

Speaking of appropriating if you wanna go there drop the computer stop getting married in churches stop wearing dreads (White people were wearing that shit way before you were ie Vikings any barbaric tribe in the steppes.) Or you could do the smart thing and understand that human culture is literally entirely appropriation. Your culture was built off of another persons culture just like white people. In fact what makes people amazing is the ability to share stories and life styles. In the marketplace of free ideas shouldn’t a white person be able to dress the way she wants because she likes it? Or maybe she really connects with the meaning is she allowed to wear it then? Do you see the problem with your ideology? If not just don’t even bother responding. :3

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