I am perfectly content never leaving my room.

This is a hard concept for some people to grasp. If you don’t feel comfortable in your own room surrounded by your own things then you are an alien in your own home. And the term alien implies that you are always to be known as from another location making you thus different and disassociated from your belongings and things. Being an alien can be valuable in the workforce, when traveling, or when debating since aliens often have different points of view and can provide insight in ways that you never realized. But to be an alien in your own home is a travesty. It means that your mental concept of a home and the physical x, y, and z planar coordinates of your physical home do not align. Essentially, your mind and your reality are out of sync.

And for those that say “home is not a location it’s a mindset”; I challenge you. Because while a home can be a mindset, there will always be a physical base of operations in which you operate and coordinate out of. Even homeless people turn freeway underpasses, tents, and alleys to homes. These homes may be temporary for hours or for days or for months but they are a physical location nonetheless.

As long as a person has the economic, mental, and physical capacity to make decisions regarding their home, it is their responsibility to chose and design their home since they are the ones that have to live with it. A person’s home should be a reflection of their soul. After all it is an outward message tied to an inner personality and the external message is there everyday to reinforce the inner personality you chose to feed.

Use this as a chance to look around your room. Does it push you away or pull you in? Does it reflect who you are? Does it remind you everyday of where you come from and where you are going? Does it help or hurt your lifestyle?

Home is not where the heart or the mind is, it’s where the soul lives.