Quantity vs. Quality

Which is better?

The answer: Quality

Quality prevails every time when it is compared to quantity.

Often people will say that “it depends on the situation”. But it really doesn’t.

The reason: Quality scales more than quantity.

Author, Seth Godin, has written many books in which he discusses the importance of something being able to “scale”. By scale, I mean how something or someone compares up to another or how valuable that someone or something is.

And the scale that is always used in quality and quantity is memorability. How memorable something is. What memory or idea has the vast quantity left you with? What memory or idea has the in depth quality left you with? We remember quality more than quantity.

If you go to Niagara Falls, are you going to remember the quantites of the trip. Are you going to remember the amount of things you did at the falls, the sum of money you spent buying a boat tour, or the extensive miles it took to get there. No. You are going to remeber the beauty of the falls, the quality of the trip as a whole. If you then go visit Yosemite Falls, you are increasing the quantity of falls you have visited, but you are not increasing the quality. You can always gain in quantity, but you cannot always gain in quality.


Applications to any program, internship, or job that you will fill out in your life is either a quality application or a quantity application. You should be applying to the trades that require a quality application, NOT a quantity application.

College is a prime example of such an application. Colleges are looking for quality not quantity. No matter what college advisors tell you, no matter what school conselors tell you, no matter what your peers who completed a Standford summer program at the top of their class tell you, colleges want quality not quantity. Why? Quality illustrates the person. For the past several decades, college has grown in popularity. In the early 1900’s it was rare for someone in America to have gone to college, they were too busy working to make a living to support their families. Since then, colleges and governments have publicized the idea of “attending college” to the point of it becoming the assumed next step in life after high school. This is good. However, the unintended consequence of this notion being publicized is that kids in high school are trying to follow a series of steps or strict, Must Do’s to Get into College. Schools are teaching quantity not quality. Education should be focussed around teaching students how to be quality people, good human beings. Humans and especially kids all have this potential to be remarkable people, but if no one teaches them how to tap into that hidden quality, then they will never be able to reach their potential as human beings. When there are kids who demonstrate themselves to be quality people, then those are the students who colleges will accept. How do you demonstrate that quantitatively in college apps? — Extra curricular activity. Colleges now accept students based on the quality of their extra curricular activity versus the number of activities a student completes. The new methodolgy is depth vs. breadth. You are better off doing one or two things to the best of your ability, instead of doing five or six things to the least of your ability. If you are reading this and are applying to college or any educational program, make yourself a quality person before you apply. Then you are bound to be accepted.

Search Engines

Search engines are the epitome of the failure to recognize quality as superior to quantity. Only a few search engines give us the quality information we actually desire. Google, Yahoo, and Bing have hoared themselves out to advertising agencies and permitted themselves to be overrun by biased internet trolls. The internet grows with every passing day. And with that growth comes the increase in the vastness of available information. And with that growth of information comes a vast growth in the amount of opinionated, false BS that entices people looking for an easy answer to the questions in their life.

Find a search engine that isn’t Google. Google prides itself in its “vast quantity” of results, but there is no use in having “5,490,000,000 results in 0.30 seconds” if 5,489,999,700 of those results are utter fallacies. And for the search results that have truth behind them, you’d still have to sift through 200 pages of possible material, only to find your answer on the 22nd and 43rd page of Google. Find a search engine that isn’t the one every one else uses. Find a search engine that is still undeveloped and may not have ALL the information about every subject of discussion, but it has the straight facts. The mission of most all search engines is to provide the individual user with useful data about whatever they wish. Corrupted search engines such as Yahoo and Bing are well past their initial conceptions, and have become tools of society not tools for individuals. Find a search engine that values the individual not the society they belong to. Use sites like Britanica Internet Guide to find initial answers, Britanica prides itself in the the highest quality search through sites and the encyclopedia itself. Use sites like Lycos.com, that expemlify the idea of simplicity, the idea that search results need to be of quality not quantity. Information is only as good as its validity, and validity is determined by the quality of a piece, not the quantity.


Apply quality to what ever work you do.

Whether that be school work, your job, or something you do on the side, put quality into your life not quantity. If you’re not going to do something right then don’t do it at all.

Make quality out of your life, because it scales. In the end, you will want to be remember as a person of quality, not a person of quantity.

So, Which is better, Quality or Quantity?

You know my answer, what’s your’s?