MobileMakers Week 5 Day 1

We start week 5 with a bang. Classes are getting shorter and challenges are getting larger. Today class ended at 11:30AM when it regularly ends around 12:30pm when we break for lunch and meet back at 1:30pm.

Today was totally different, we covered real basic elements of Swift and ended by 11:30AM. We met again at 1:55pm just to review the finalized agile board by the Chicago cohort.

It surprised me that the online cohort had no say so on features nor were we considered for any input we mentioned at the time of the review. That lasted probably 15 minutes and after that we were on our own, having to plan our week as we attempt to replicate the Instagram app.


Today I want to say we learned something about Swift but in reality, we covered Playgrounds, learned what a constant and regular variables looked like and that was it. I say that was it because we “re-did” our InterGalacticTravel app.. so we re-learned how to perform segues but now with Swift.

I still think that class could’ve gone longer and really explain the principles of Swift but the instructor said that we would be learning together.. umm.. ok??

Anyway, learning what let is and how to do a for loop in Playgrounds was not what I had in mind for today. Anyway, enough of my rant.


Today’s challenge will last all week so I will be posting code updates as we go along. At the moment our online cohort shrinked to only 5 people. We had the option of completing the challenge alone or in teams. What good will it do to complete an app by myself and not learn how to work in a dev team right? Well I opted to work in a team, I however did not want to choose the team, our mentor did’t want to choose either.

At the end of the picking ordeal, I ended up in a team of 3 developers including myself. I took responsibility of creating the repo and making the initial push. Also I took responsibility of assigning tasks in Asana. Mike and Andrew were left with four tasks and I had six.

Development is still in the early stages but so far I completed the sign up/login using Parse.

I’m sure we will get so much more accomplished tomorrow.




iOS Dev, Tech junkie, Dad & Husband.

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Gabe Morales

Gabe Morales

iOS Dev, Tech junkie, Dad & Husband.

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