Closed Not-Closed: Credit Card

Goal: Find out why my account was closed
Expectation: I would get an explanation for why my account was closed. 
Result: Contradictions and lack of explanation

Proud to have all my credit card accounts paid up and in order, I was a little shocked to login to my PayPal credit card online account and find the account had been closed:

This Account Has Been Closed. But how can I continue making payments when I am paid in full?

It wasn’t just that I had no forewarning, nor a clue why it had been closed. Which caused a little anxiety as I called the 800 number. On the phone, the explanation from Synchrony bank was “this happens from time to time”.

“But my credit is fine, in fact better than it has been when I opened the account.”

The operator, even the manager I requested, had no idea, repeating this mantra: “It happens from time to time”.

I requested that they resubmit my account to find out if it was still coming up with an issue and never heard back.

When I login to my Paypal, there is no indication that my account has been closed.

No indication that this account is closed.

But the greatest offense of #badX in my opinion is logging in and not just closing my account with no explanation but the ALL CAPS RED DEMAND that I keep making payments until it’s paid in full.

I owe ZERO. On the same page I am asked to keep paying, I am informed I am paid in full.

I called them a month later. Turns out my account was closed due to inactivity.

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