The Way We Work Now

My generation of physicians is entering the field at a historic moment. Covid will likely follow us through our careers.

A medical worker enters Bellevue hospital during the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images

The transition from medical student to physician, even in normal times, is a profound one; Covid-19 projects a whole new improbability to this moment. I graduated from medical school early to briefly join the ranks of New York City frontline workers in April, as the pandemic reached its peak. I had dreamed of being a doctor for more than half my life, and as a college student volunteering in a hospital, I conjured up gallant stories of my first weeks as a physician. Instead, Covid-19 ruthlessly dashed my expectations.

The gravity of this moment is now starting to sink in…

Gabriel Redel-Traub, MD

Young Physician interested in Cardiology, Reader, Writer, Bicycler. @RedelTraub on Twitter for more writings and ramblings

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