Hey everybody this IS GARY VAY-NER-CHUCK!

That catchphrase is most the memorable one liner I heard last year. Since then Gary has impacted my life in so many ways. It’s hard for me to imagine what my 2016 year would like if I hadn’t stumble upon him a few months ago.

I probably wouldn’t have grown my YouTube from 0–227 subscribers in 3 months. I probably wouldn’t have grown my art share Instagram account from 0–370 followers in 3 months. And that’s just from me being lazy.

He’s also change the way I look at time management, maybe I shouldn’t play SMITE for 4 hours but instead draft something up for medium. He’s thrown a bunch of little practical changes into my life, that have caused massive change.

So me doing this book review was the least I could do. So without further adu, let’s get into the BOOOOOOOOOOOK!

Short book review:

If you’re a fan of Gary, you’re going to love this book and it should be an immediate buy, even if you’re not a fan still get this book.

Long book review:

Out of Gary’s original big three, crushit, thank you economy, and Jab jab jab right hook, the askgaryvee book is the most well rounded. It is the Ryu from street fighter in his roster. The book touches on everything from getting started, hustling, parenting, marketing, social media platforms and much more.

It reads like a conversation or podcast, which keeps it from boring you. Each page, and each question is tailored to give you practical advice that you can act on. I’ve stopped reading a chapter just to execute on what Gary recommends countless times.

The askgaryvee book is filled page to page with gold nuggets.

The organization of the book is also spot on. Each question asked builds on the one before it or after it. Also since it’s organized very specifically to give this effect, you can just skip chapters. For example I’m 22 and have no desire to be a parent. So I can skip the whole chapter on parenting and go over to platforms chapter to learn about social media.

There is no you must read this book cover to cover. Simply jump around and only read what you want to.

There is an audio version of the askgaryvee book, and I recommend everybody get this version if they could only afford one. It covers everything the written word does, but Gary riffs, changes, and even adds to most questions. And if you put it on 1.25x speed it feels and runs as if you were listening to the askgaryvee podcast.

The askgaryvee book has something for everyone. It is a book of all trades. If you’ve been wanting to get into the askgaryvee show, but don’t have the time to watch dozens of video; this book will condense all that content into one place.

And that my friends is a blessing

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