Casey neistat dropped a gem today in his video “FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS”. He goes on to talk about how it’s great the Internet is flooded with optimistic and inspirational memes. But there’s a side to the path of achieving your dreams no one talks about. It’s also the major key in wether someone achieves their dreams or naw.

Its the desire one has for that thing.

As Casey says, everyone is told that they can achieve everything they want, but not told, you can’t want everything you want. In order achieve that which you want, you need to obsess over it likes its the only thing that matters. It has to be something you want for yourself, or you tackle half assed.

You need to have a dream or a goal and constantly do, and embody that thing. And if you can do that to the point that everyone you know and love thinks you’re crazy, but you’re happy…

You are successful

Or something like that…

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