Gabe Maynard

Summer reading

Prompt One

“The Book Thief”

The quote “Books fall open, you fall in.”, means that when a person starts reading a book they like they get very interested in the book. Once they start reading it and getting interested in it they will not want to put it down. A person can get so caught up in a book that hours can go by, and they will not recognize it. Some people won’t even know what’s going on around them. Interesting books have a way of doing that to people. It catches the reader’s attention and draws them into the book. It makes them think of what is going to happen next, or they read something early in the book and want to know more about what happens. That’s what the meaning of the quote “Books fall open, you fall in.”, means. When a reader reads a good book they like the book grabs their attention.

The book I read over the summer captured my interest because it was interesting. I read “The Book Thief” and what captured my interest in it was that it was during a time of war. Any kind of war stories capture my attention. It took place right there at the start of World War II when Hitler had just become into power. The book starts out in the time where Hitler first started to capture Jews and send them to concentration camps. Throughout the book you can see the war start to get worse and conflicts start coming into play. Suspicion amongst the townspeople starts making people question things.

I highly enjoyed the book because it was constantly making me think of what would happen next. I also enjoyed it because because it took place during a time of war, and it gave a completely different view point of how i saw the war. It gave the impact of a family and friends who lived in Germany who supported Hitler, but also had a Jewish friend they were protecting because the Jewish guy’s dad saved Hans in the war.

The life lesson I learned from this book is that hatred can be detrimental. I also learned that just because one thing happens it doesn’t define that person or that race. In this case, Hitler’s mother was sick and her doctor was a Jew, but when she passed away Hitler blamed the Jew for letting her die. That caused Hitler to have hatred towards Jews. On the other hand, Hans simply states that his life was saved by a Jew. His Jewish friend Erik assigned Hans to write letters to their captain and Erik said he would go into battle. That day everybody that went into battle was killed. So Hans believes that if Erik wouldn’t have assigned him to that job that he would be killed also. So he credits Erik as saving his life. Hans also hasn’t had any bad experiences with Jews. He has always stood up for Jews and Jews have always been nice to him. The only problem he has had was since he supported Jews he wasn’t able to find a job. Even though he joined a Nazi Youth organization he still didn’t have any hatred towards Jews.

The quote “Books fall open, you fall in.”, means that you find a book you like it will allow to picture things. It will allow you to see what the artist is going through when they write the book. Interesting books can capture a persons interests and allow them to escape into an imagination while reading the book.