Gabe Maynard

Summer reading

Prompt Three

The Book Theif

“Page by page, this is how we go on.” That quote relates to our everyday life. In life we live our lives one day at a time. While we might be thinking about what happens in the future we can only live one day at a time. We might have something planned out for a day that’s a week away, but something might happen in one of those days before and you have to completely change your plans. Choices you make each day will affect you in the future. So therefore, we can only live each day one at a time. Not all people live each day the same way. Some people have to fight everyday to stay alive, and some people take advantage of life. That is what I’m about to portray in this essay.

In The Book Thief it portrays different hardships that were going on during the beginning of the Second World War. It shows how two different type of people lived. One was a German family while the other one was a Jewish man named Max. The German families didn’t have as many hardships as the Jewish families did. Jewish people living in Germany at the beginning of World War II were considered a disgrace to mankind. This was portrayed to Germany by Adolf Hitler who thought that it was a Jewish nurses’ fault that his mother died. After his mom died he developed a strong hatred for Jews. For this reason Jews had a hard time serving in Germany while Hitler was in power. This book shows what Jews had to do to survive.

The German family was able to live a normal lifestyle. They were able to go out in public and go shopping. They were also able to go get food. Max on the other hand was Jewish so he had to stay in hiding. He wasn’t able to go outside, look outside, or anything. If Jews were caught during the war they were sent to German camps and were tortured and killed just for being Jewish. Not only Jewish people were punished. German families that were caught protecting Jewish people were punished to.

Max was able to overcome these hardships because he had a friend create him a fake identity to be able to travel to Hans’ house. Hans’ life was saved by Max’s father so Hans told him family that he would do anything they asked him to. So therefore, Hans is protecting Max even though Hans is from a German family and Max is Jewish. Hans lets Max stay in his basement to protect him from the Nazis. Hans and his family has to be careful because if they say the wrong thing they could be punished for protecting Max. Max lived in the basement for two years to avoid being captured. Everyday he was brought food and water and all different kinds of supplies. Hans and his family was able to overcome their hardship of protecting Max because they accepted as a part of their very day life. They all made friends with him and talked to him. He helped the little girl learn to read, and the little girl would read books to Max.

The author demonstrated that even though there are hard times you can always get through them. You might need a little help, but you can make it through hardships. That is what the other portrayed in this novel. Max and Hans had to go day by day to survive. They could think of the future, but they could only live one day at a time. The author placed hardships in the novel for each character to overcome. Each day was another day to work towards overcoming that hardship.

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