On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

I just read this entire article, Bravo! Really fantastic, the research you put in is amazing. Something I would add about the super predator part: There is a clip that went viral of her using that term, but when put in context, she is only talking about the kids and gang members who were involved in the skyrocketing crime of the decade. It also wasn’t a term that was coined by her. She got the term from John Dilulio, who was a respected criminologist, who often talked and wrote about the drug gangs that were filled with people who would harm and kill other people on the streets. “Superpredator” is definitely racially charged, but by no means is it an umbrella term for the African-American communities that were going through the worst crime epidemic, it was a term to describe the people who made that crime epidemic possible.

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