Man down! what soldiers come home too.

I have a question what if you you joined the Army to help pay off child (excuse me as I was) I meant California support. I was in the Army for ten years with two deployments both sand pits Iraq and Afghan. In the ten years they have been taking $659.00 every month plus every single tax return and that is no including them blood suckers taking more then half my checks before the Army.

I messed up my knee on deployment already had one surgery and needing one more. I called the ca support people to let them know I was getting out of the Army sue to injuries, the first word out of her mouth was when can we expect payment. I told her I got injured she said that I can work from home, I mean really I am not robot like she was. any ways I kept my cool and ask her how much I still owe I should be done by now.

she laughed and said oh no witched then pissed me off but said nothing still she told me I still owe $80,000 witch at that time I laughed and said how can it be more then what it was originally I think at the time $45,000 and I said do the math with me she cut me off and said interest. then the kicker I asked how much did my two girls see of that money, she told me nothing that’s right nothing. I hang up on her I couldn’t take it.

so where did that money go whose pocket did I fill? so now two years later I am still laid up my knee is in constant pain until the VA stops fooling around now I am going through a divorce from all this stress mixed with PTSD and I can never pay this off never own a car so I half to bus every place or cab on my monthly check from the VA not including rent food. the blood suckers have not touched it yet but I think it is a matter of time.

I do not know what to do I wrote my congress they said they were going to look into it then bailed out. I tried channel 7 on your side they said they do not cover these kind of stories I guess some rich guy with laptop problems was more important story then a veteran just trying not end up a statistic. I have been in my room two years now i get out when they pain is not bad I do not take pain killers or if I can get a ride.

Its just a messed up feeling that a person would step forward for his or her country no questions asked sacrificing 10 years of my kids growing up since I was stationed in Germany. And now that we need advice or help on what to do we get nothing so I am still battling but not in a war and no battle buddies. this ex Infantryman was a one time use and thrown away thanks US. Gabriel formally SGT. Repetto

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