Disclaimer*: I’m not an employee of Krowdpop (nor am I Richard Choo), but I am privy to the…
Trey Woodson

Gabe Salgado here. I was alerted to this comment by a friend of mine. “Trey Woodson” sounds awfully like a stranger who sent me Facebook messages (from his real account) using similar language. I’ll not do him the disservice of posting his name or linking to his profile.

I would, however, like to clarify some falsehoods. As “Trey” said, there are two sides to every story, and I agree with him on the importance of exploring both sides before jumping to conclusions. Here are some facts.

  1. I have never claimed to be a mobile app developer. I have no experience in mobile app development and I’m not qualified to develop a mobile app on my own. I never claimed it on my resume, online profiles, or in any capacity of any job I’ve held. In fact, when I worked at KPOP UNITED, I was wary of taking on any mobile application project until such time as the company was sufficiently funded and was able to hire full-time mobile development staff. I repeatedly warned against promising to deliver a mobile app without the proper time, funding, and qualified team in place. I was quite consistent and adamant about this issue. This is well known to everyone who knows me well or ever worked with me.
  2. My job title at KPOP UNITED was Product Manager. That’s what it always said on my name card, resume, and online profiles. (Actually, at the beginning, my job title was briefly “Web Development Director” before it changed to “Product Manager.”) This is also a well known fact.
  3. I cannot discuss the one context in which I was referred to as CTO, but suffice it to say that a) it was not my decision, and b) it is not and never will be a public context, c) I have not nor will I ever gain unfair professional benefit from that.
  4. During my time at the company, I worked with no less than 12 developers and designers, most of whom were there for only a very short time. They were all very professional, and they all continue to work in the web development or graphic design. Some of them went on to take very impressive jobs after working with the company. They are all intelligent and trustworthy people whom I had felt honored to work with. They and other key staff can attest to the above three points.
  5. The accusation of “IP theft” / “copying the platform” has been so thoroughly debunked in all the places that matter that I won’t even address it.
  6. I wasn’t there during the incidents described in the article, so I can’t confirm or deny anything about Krowdpop Vietnam.
  7. I did not write that article, and no matter how many times this accusation is repeated, it will never magically become true.

Whether or not the substance of that article is true, I do tend to agree with “Trey” that some of it goes a bit overboard with the hyperbole.

A total of nearly 40 employees went in and out of the company in my years there. As I said, that includes 12 developers and designers. I don’t know how many other developers the CEO has worked with before and after me, but I imagine it’s a lot. Any of these people could have written/contributed to this article which I had nothing to do with.

I don’t have the time nor the ability to go around brainwashing people, spreading lies and rumors, etc. We’re all grownups, everyone has their own ability to come to their own conclusions based on what they have seen and experienced. I have a life to live and a startup to run, and I don’t have time for this petty nonsense. But I just wanted to take a moment to clear up these falsehoods.

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