What will the token actually do?
Jake Vartanian

I have read all of your material and am interested in the fundamental idea of decentralized organizations powered via the blockchain and ethereum. I however am having a hard time understanding the following:

1. How exactly does an individual organization uses the Aragon Network? What is the business and economic interaction, not the technical interaction between an individual decentralized org that joins the platform and the platform itself? Can a decentralized organization be set up based on its own rules or is it derived solely or largely from the terms set by the network?

2. How exactly does an investor in the Aragon Token ICO or a purchaser of the Aragon Token on any of the market exchanges receive a return on investment? What is going to drive the value of the token? Is it that every organization that creates an organization on the Aragon Network, has to mint Aragon Tokens in order to use them in their own decentralized organization for their own voting functions? Or it is just for voting on functionality at the Aragon network level? Does the individual decentralized organization need to use the Aragon Token in order to run their day-to-day business functions? If so, make this more clear for how the businesses would use Aragon on a day-to-day basis to run their business — as this is the larger ongoing use case and demand for ANT. What are all of the business functions you plan to have ANT used for? Please specify.

Please provide more information at a business level as to how Aragon actually works at the business level and network level. Right now it is not clear to me what I am investing in and how holding Aragon will be supported in value or increase in value over time. I get the sense I am dealing with Tech people and not people who are speaking in business and investment terms.

Please consider adding people to your advisory team that are financial/investment, economic, organization development and business oriented in nature and having them or others publish business content about Aragon. This would be immensely helpful to gaining traction with people without a technical background, but who have a business background.

Thank you for the interesting work!

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