We are seeking a highly motivated and extremely intelligent individual to dig into the minutiae of a tiny, mostly boring problem that we have identified as vital to our business because, at our unfathomable scale, even a minuscule improvement will lead to millions of dollars in extra profit for our stock-compensated executives and investors.

Core Responsibilities

  • Quickly learn the ins and outs of your team’s small niche within the organization, knowledge that is completely useless outside the remarkably narrow world of our company’s core business.
  • Help your team accomplish its OKRs by driving KPIs such as automating key product lines, reducing FTEs, and securing offshore partnerships without stopping to consider whether our obsession with reducing your output to quantifiable, acronimified metrics is, in part, a tactic to obscure the fact that you will ultimately eliminate your own job. …


Gabriel Stein

@gabestein | Media, science, tech, politics, general silliness. | Formerly: @massivesci, @heleoworld, @upworthy, @fastcompany, @google, @ogilvy

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