Its not easy to build dreams. We see sucessful people and many times we think “ lucky guy!” . But thats not a truth. Dreams are hard to get and I totally agree with the philosopher that saids “ genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration” ( sir Thomas Edison) .

My name is Gabriela and i’m a twenty-six. I live in Brazil with my bro, sis and mom, and this blog will share my way building my dream : becoming a professional dancer. I may be sad at times or happy at others. But thats okay. I think dreams have the power of heal hearts and thats what i’m doing. Im trying to become a good person with a good heart doing what i most love in the world: dancing. 
Maybe I’ll be melancholic sometimes but I think thats really nice. We learn the real value of things with tears teaching us ( said that to a friend another day, and then, im here, saying that for myself). 
Hope you enjoy my posts. Many times i will write about dancers, or ballet technique. But in all my posts I will try to talk about my thoughts and feelings about what I write..
Thanks for reading! :**

Have a bright day!


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