Myers-Briggs Personality Type: LMAO

knock knock

who’s there

no one

no one who

literally no one because i let my mental illness and fear of getting better push everyone i love away


the only way i know to stay alive is to joke about why i want to die


the hardest part about a joke is the timing

and the hardest part about dying is the timing

my mom made a really funny joke once but the doctor delivered it with terrible timing and now i’m twenty years old

i couldn’t figure out what to get my mom for mother’s day but a dead daughter is not a very thoughtful gift and that’s why i didn’t kill myself yesterday

a customer told me they come in when they’re having a bad day because talking to me makes them feel okay and that’s why i didn’t kill myself today

isn’t it hilarious that there are so many things to feel but all anyone really wants to feel is okay


isn’t it hilarious that some people are just born unable to feel okay


a customer told me i should quit my job and become a comedian and i was like i don’t think that’s how the joke goes

i figured out how i want this joke to go but i don’t think they sell cards that say “please don’t blame yourself” and if they did the font would probably suck ass

did you hear the one about the girl who only stays alive because making people laugh is the only thing that makes her feel okay

wait fuck i forgot how this joke goes

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